Raybans, Black Shades, and The Celebrities That Made Them Famous

 Style is a must for celebrities, all the way down to the eyewear. Shades are a staple on celebrities who are out and about from basic black glasses to the iconic Rayban Wayfarers. Here are the celebs past and present who make the dark lenses look good.  

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys

Bob Dylan in classic black shades

Jackie O in her famous big black shades

Andy Warhol in his Rayban Wayfarers

One of the most famous Rayban wearers, Michael Jackson, in the 1980s


Mary J Blige was, is, and will always be one of the queens of shades


Jay-Z in his black shades

Beyonce in her Raybans

Amber Rose in black shades

R. Kelly in black shades in one of his classic videos "Bump and Grind"

Trey Songz wearing black shades in Rocawear 2010 campaign

Classic Tom Cruise in his Raybans in Risky Business

Mr. Kanye West in his black shades

John Lennon in his iconic round-shaped black shades

Nicole Richie in her Rayban aviator sunglasses

David Beckham in his Rayban Sunglasses

Johnny Depp in black shades

The Blue Brothers in their famous black shades

The Great Jack Nicholson in his classic black Rayban wayfarers

Pharell Williams of N.E.R.D. wearing black Raybans

Rihanna in London wearing black Raybans

Lil Wayne in 2008 wearing black shades

Diddy in his black shades

Our Commander In Chief in his Rayban shades

If you want to make your own mark with a pair of classic shades, go to:

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