Style Icons: Aaliyah

The second style icon I want to highlight is Aaliyah, who I like to call the”sexy tomboy” for her earlier wardrobe in the 90s in addition to groups like TLC who also occupied this look.  Let me say that not too many people could pull that look off and still be attractive. Her hair slightly parted over one eye, black shades, black bandana, and boyish clothes made her stand out somehow and to me became an icon. Ever since Aaliyah stepped onto the music scene with “Back And Forth,”she was like the homegirl that everybody knew and was cool with. However she soon evolved into what people called a “tigress,” slowly trading her baggy jeans for fitted straight leg pants and dresses that showed her delicate frame. Sexy but never slutty. Though her style changed, her character and artistry never did. Like MJ, “baby girl” is no longer with us and left us way too soon; however her music, videos, movies, and interviews are still on this earth to remind us of the gift we had for 7+ years. Here’s some pics of Aaliyah’s looks over the years.


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