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You wanna know about me? Ok here it goes. I was born in South Carolina and raised in California. I attended Clark Atlanta University where I graduated with a  B.A. in Fashion Design/ Merchandising.  My most recent job was American Eagle Outfitters, which was a lot fun to work at. Two of my ultimate goals are to be a stylist on movie sets and do PR work. I love fashion because I love the idea of making something out of nothing whether it’s design, marketing, or visual. I also have a certification as a Nurses Assistant as well as a background in dance and drawing, yes I wanted to be multi-talented. I had a journal and I have done creative writing in school but it wasn’t until college that I started to enjoy it. It was in college where I discovered ConcreteLoop.com, and it was the first blog I ever started reading. I thought the editorial stuff only happened in magazines and its online homes. At that time I didn’t think it was possible for someone like me to blog and have my views be seen by others. I got back into writing again in 2008 cause I kept so many things in for a long time and I started being opinionated when it came to my life and the lives of my friends and people in general. I started this blog cause I wanted to get out and express my loves, my passions, and how I feel about life in and out of pop culture. Viva La Style is Spanish for ‘live the style,’ and this goes beyond just fashion. Live the style of art, live the style of music, live the style of television and film, live the style of love, (you get the picture). This is what you will find here. To the people who will read this blog, however you live your life and make it in this world, I hope you never stop, I hope you keep going and never stop for nothing or no one.  So now I say enjoy and feel free to comment on the posts as they come!



Lady Califia


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