What Failure Taught Me

Written on June 22, 2011

Tonight while walking back to my room I accidentally dropped my sewing box/ kit and everything fell out. Of course I was pissed and for a moment I dropped the top on the floor in frustration leaving it there. But I couldn’t leave it there cause it was mess, an explosion of cut-up fabrics, pins, and tangled-up thread. I had to pick everything up and quickly because of the almost invisible pins that can easily stab your foot if not looking down.

Eventually I cleaned up noticing that a lot of things didn’t need to be in that container. After sorting things out and throwing some in the trash, I realized how better my sewing utensils looked on the inside.Then it hit me, this is a lot like life, mine in particular. When you make a mistake, you can either leave it there all over the place and walk away letting people get hurt.  Or you can do something about it and clean your mess up. It will be then, that you look at it, your life will look a lot better after removing stuff from your life that didn’t need to be there.



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