A Shoe A Day Sunday: Steve Madden

Steve Madden Black Patent Leather Wedges w/ Multi-Colored Canvas Sides, Marshall's

I go to church anyway, but I was real happy I came on this Sunday. While in service I noticed this beautifully unusual pair of some bad looking shoes on the feet of one of the ladies I used to attend another church with named Ashley. She said the heels had to be about 6 inches, yikes. I don’t always have the best luck with wearing high-heels, but that doesn’t stop me from getting them with hopes that I don’t fall or almost fall in another pair again. But anyway, the proud owner of these shoes couldn’t remember the style name but if they are still in stock, you might be able to try on a pair and find out for yourself at Marshall’s in El Cerrito, CA. Thanks Ashley!

Multi-Colored Print Canvas Sides

P.S. Pieces that can be worn with these wedges:

Blue Denim Jeggings


Little Black Dresses or Any Solid-Colored Dresses


High-Waisted Shorts


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