Stripes On A Sunday

black stripped blouse Parallel blazer - black Fioni shoes

This outfit was a spur of the moment idea. I wasn’t gonna go for it because it seemed risky when I put the items together on my bed and I had somewhere to be in like 30 mins. Sometimes last minute outfit ideas turn out to be a disaster, and I have had some, and sometimes they turn out successful. In this case I think this came out nicely. One of my favorite outfits this year because of the layering done here. I loved this striped blazer paired with this purple silk top, didn’t want this outfit to be all dark. If you notice, my stockings are striped as well to compliment the blazer. The belt and necklace was definitely a great finish.Yes,last minute ideas can be good.

Blazer: Parallel

Silk Blouse: Vintage

Metallic Necklace: Charleston Market

Black Belt: Vintage

Black Skirt: Forever 21

Black/Blue/Brown Striped Stockings: Kensie

Black Laced Open-Toed Oxfords: Fioni




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