BET Awards 11: Highlights

Last night was the 2011 BET Awards which were held in Los Angeles. I have to say that of all my time of watching BET Award shows, this has to be the best show they have had and the best awards show this year. There were some hiccups but thankfully that was towards the end. One of which Ms. Tiffany Green, who presented the Viewers Choice Award alongside Terrance and Rocsi. Ms. Green with that “face” she gave when the prompter showed a different winner from what she read on the pad she was holding. First I thought ‘major fail’ on her part and awkward when Drake came out to accept on behalf of him and Rihanna (What’s My Name). But at the end before Kevin bid everyone farwell, he was accompanied by Chris Brown making a correction; Tiffany was right and it was Chris Brown who won.

Chris was definitely the comeback kid this year winning 4 BET Awards. Happy for him. Even though parts of this show seemed a little fixed, it surpasses the ones that came before it. Gotta watch it again to see what I may have forgotten. Here are my other highlights from BET Awards.

Mary J Blige Opens The Show And Brings Out Anita Baker











I loved that ‘ my other mother’ The Queen Of Hip Hop Soul came out to open the show. What also touched me is when she performed “Caught Up In The Rapture” with Anita Baker. FYI that Anita Baker song is what got Mary signed and thats why it was so special. She then brought out Jadakiss and DJ “We the best” Khaled for a new song.

To see the video click on the link:


Nobody Safe From Kevin Hart

#DEAD @  Kevin calling Trey Songz a “Beige Greyhound!” And it became a TT on Twitter!

Real Husbands Of Hollywood


Chris Brown’s She Aint You/Look At Me Now Performance

He’s back again!


Kelly Rowland ‘Motivation’ Performance With Trey Songz

I saw this one coming. Kelly Rowland+Trey Songz=SEXY PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT


Alicia Keys Sings “A Woman’s Worth” With Bruno Mars, Debuts “Typewriter” And Finishes With “Fallin”

I loved this whole performance !


Patti LaBelle Tribute

Its about time they honored her! Marsha did “If Only You Knew” justice and I loved it. And Pastor Shirley was gonna bring it to church! OMG Moment: Ce-Lo Green and wearing that Patti wig from the 80’s while singing “Somebody Loves You!” I was like yassss Ce-Lo!  That man never gets boring. To watch the vid click on this link:


Beyonce Goes Bi-Coastal

I really don’t need to say anything, Queen Bey’s performance speaks for itself. Beyonce’s “4 ” is in stores tomorrow!!!


Wrong Winner…*Tiffany Green Face*


OMG Moment. On twitter last night people were retiring *Kanye Shrug* and replacing it with the now infamous *Tiffany Green.* Feel bad? Don’t cause she has over 8,000 new followers. BET still owes her an appology though. For those who missed it watch the vid to get updated.

Great job BET! Gets an A- in my book. Please bring Kevin Hart back next year. Hopefully in God’s will I will be there to talk about it! LOL *Keeps Fingers Crossed*



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