Who Is Hamilton Park?

I had the opportunity to meet these guys outside of Best Buy in GA when Trey Songz was doing an instore for his new album ‘Passion, Pain, & Pleasure’ which dropped that day. They were passing out their cd for everyone to listen and they gave me  their cd. Normally I’m not quick to listen to promo/mixtape cd’s but something about them made me curious to know what they sound like.  When I put that cd (We Do It For The Sheets) in my laptop….I immediately thought about Jodeci and Dru Hill. I loved it! A true soundtrack for..what else…the sheets. LOL Soon after, I found out they were on twitter, hit them up giving them their props and soon started following them.

     Next thing I know, they are signed to Atlantic Records and Harrell Records! Hamilton Park are made up of 4 guys: Anthony, Chris Voice, Royce P, and Mr. Marcus Lee from Atlanta, GA who got their group name from the community center they played basketball at. They were discovered by Andre Harrell in 2010 and became the first group signed to his label. We are really missing our male groups especially R&B groups. These guys are talented and deserves to be recognized for it. I pray that  they won’t ever face a music group casuality like so many before them.  I’m happy that everybody else is now getting a taste of Hamilton Park but I’m happy to say I got mine early. 😉

Hamilton Park’s First Video “Computer Love”

New Single “Thing Called Us”

For the full bio and more info: http://www.hamiltonparkmusic.com/

Also check out their Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HAMILTONPARKTV


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