The 15 Rules Of Sexting Pics

Want to send a sexy pic to your boo? Before you do, here the rules.

1. Make sure you have a somewhat good relationship with the ‘recipient’ of that text so that you know they won’t turn on you and leak the pics to others.

2. Make sure the bathroom is clean.

3. Make sure your clean.









4. Make sure bra and panties match or at least compliment each other.

5. Please keep your babies out of the pic, it’s a huge turn-off.

6. Try not to take pics in the bathroom so much, try another location.

7. Make sure there are no distracting objects  in the picture ( i.e. drugs, tampons).

8. Make sure you are sending the pics to the right person, double-check the recipient’s name and number before hitting the ‘send’ button. 

9. Please, look at the pic to see if it looks ok or good enough to send it.

10. Don’t be lazy with your pose, try different poses or positions. Research and check out the pics of video vixens such as Melyssa Ford, Ester Baxter, Keyshia Dior, Dolicia Bryant, etc.

11. Make sure your hair is done. You don’t want to have a great body but bad hair cause it throws the whole thing off.

12. Have good lighting. You want your man or women to actually ‘see’ what you are working with.

13. Ladies, if the recipient is a breast person, focus on that. If the person is an ass person, focus on that.

14. No previously used pics please. Nobody, especially guys, I’m sure, wants to get a pic that another guy already has.

15. Always keep it sexy.

Keep these rules in mind and you will be on top of your sexting game.

P.S. If you have some other rules to add that I may have forgotten, let me know.


Lady Califia


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