New Music: Rihanna “S&M” (remix) feat. Britney Spears

 Here we are on another Monday and I go on twitter and before I could sign in I see ‘Rihanna and Britney Spears’ as one of the trending topics. I knew it couldn’t be about the tour so it had to be something else so I, like everbody else, learns of a remix of “S&M” feat Ms. Spears. I go to look it up and listen to it. In my opinion, I like it, not too different from the original. Rih Rih is the stronger singer on this song. No shade to Britney but I really wish she could have used more power in her voice. All and all, its not a terrible remix, it just could have been better.  Hopefully they will do a video for it and maybe change it up a little bit. Here is audio of it at the bottom if you havent heard it yet. What do you think?

Also, here is link to listen to it if the above audio doesn’t work.


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