Sex is…/Making Love is…


(Something I wrote in 2008)

 Sex is aggressive and lustful.

Making love is physically showing him or her how much you love them.

Making love is using you lower region to dictate what your upper region (the heart) is feeling.

Sex can be violent yet it can be passionate while making love is also passionate, it is not rushed.

Sex is “I want you right now,” while making love is “I cannot wait to come home to you.”

While sex can be between two strangers or more, sex can also be between husband and wife, two commited souls.

Sex is handcuffs, whipped cream with no promises or guarantees while making love is flowers, chocolate and a million and one “I love you’s.”

Sex and making love differ, however they can be one in the same, the same thing…two people or people who made a choice despite their sub-conscious or consciousness, under the influence or sober, to give their body, a piece of themselves to another being; when there will always be a consequence…good or bad.


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