Dear Black America written by Petra J. Smith

Dear Black America,

We have experienced kidnapping, slavery, rape, torture, oppression, KKK, segregation, war, and police brutality. With experience comes lessons learned and overcoming however, we have not overcome these things. With the exception of kidnapping, the other 8 are still occuring. It is sad that we are the most exploited, disrespected, hated, laziest, most complacent people in the world. This country now has an African-American president, a talk-show queen, a cable network that is catered to us (well…that’s another letter), artists that are making Grammy and Oscar history. Sports legends like Bill Russell, Jackie Robinson, MJ, Tiger Woods, and Venus and Serena Williams. Think that would inspire us to be great? Do better? No. We have made some progress but ‘some’  isn’t enough. We have been afforded so many opportunities that our grandparents and great-grandparents dreamed of while being sent to the back of  buses and being treated like 2nd class citizens. To those of you that avoided mediocrity by being the exception, not taking no for an answer, and wanting greatness, you are saluted. To the rest of you, instead of sugar-coating  and using soft words to encourage you, only thing left to do is tell the truth about “ourselves.” We are an embarrassment to those who sacrificed for us, who were marching, getting arrested, shot, hung, and sprayed on. We are living beneath our priviledge by not taking advantage of the very things we were once denied….Education.  Education, the very thing that was once illegal for us to have. We were beaten if caught learning to read and write. And now in present day, education has taken a back seat to television, music, movies, money, cars, women, men, alcohol, drugs, and crime. If you can get on a plane and be on Maury or Jerry Springer, you can put that same energy into school and work. While we were out making  fools of ourselves, Latinos have advanced us in employment cause we didnt want to start at the bottom. Caucasian and Asian Americans have advanced us in education cause we have been told countless times that we weren’t smart enough to get a degree, and  tragically we accepted it. God gave all of us brains, use it and stop waisting it on things that are not worth your time. You are more powerful than you think. Black Women, you are more than just bringing children into the world, you are your man’s rib.  You are a helpmate. Do you know how unique we are? Women of other races are spending money to have what we were already born with. There is nothing wrong with enhancing self-appearance however it is disturbing when you go out looking a mess. Dont let the outer appearance or what you see in magazines or on the screen affect the inner appearance. Embrace how God made us and stop trying to be something that you are not. You are one of a kind. Respect your whole-self  and you will never let or allow any man to disrespect you in any situation. Respect your bodies because it is the most valuable thing next to your soul. Ladies stop hating on each other. You don’t like each other yet you dont even know each other and that is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with saying “I love your hair” or “You look nice today.” Complements dont kill they uplift and increase confidence.  Parents stop trying to be your kids friends and start being their parents. Pray for your kids before they leave for school. Stop talking down, cursing, and being negative to your kids and wonder why they dont turn out right. Children are impressionable. Always lead by example, believe it or not, kids minds are like sponges. What you do, good or bad,  rubs off on them somehow when you are not paying attention. Love your children, they are blessings from God whether they planned or not. You forgot the meaning of welfare, why you are on it, became dependant, and are using it as a crutch. Stop treating your children like accessories. Men and Women have the roles switched up and it needs to be switched back. Men stand up, be men, and delete acting scared and childish. Be the adult and stop being weak when you are made to be strong, when you are made to be the protector. Women, still be a woman, still take care of yourself, and never lose yourself even when you are a single parent who has to be both mother and father. Dont worry, you’re other half is on this earth to one day come into your life and make you whole. Women stop acting up and trying to run everything and let the man in your life (if you have one) be the man and head of household. For the negroes, as much energy you put into fighting and shooting each other, you can put that into helping one another. Stop being crabs in a barrel pulling each other down with hate. There is nothing worse than seeing Blacks killing other Blacks. Stop, stop, stop acting out in public! Please learn how to have manners when in public, dont give society one more thing to talk about. Pull up your pants, that is in no way attractive men. Ladies learn how to cross your legs when wearing a dress or skirt, your private area shouldn’t be seen by everybody. Please respect your elders, in the end they are the only ones that care about what happens to you. The elders have been were you are going , know where the traps are and preventing you from falling into one. Stop acting like negroes and start acting like African-Americans. God didn’t make you an animal so don’t act like one. Once this is all put into action, we will be seen as people and no longer” Black People.” People who are judged by content of character and not by color like Martin spoke of 48 years ago. Until then, keep trying. Don’t give up on yourselves, don’t give up on US.


Your Ancestors


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