The Most Anticipated Albums Dropping Today

   14 must be the magic number because this is the day that the most anticpated albums , some controversal, are dropping today. So if you are out at the stores this holiday season, go get these albums if you are a fan and let the world know your verdict on the music being presented. Is “Michael” worth the wait and is that really his voice as some of the producers like Teddy Riley claim? Will Ciara’s “Basic Instinct” shut critics up and be a basic success? Is “Last Train To Paris” not the traditional hip-hop record and is it as dope as some fans claim it is?  Will Tank’s “Now Or Never” be that next good R&B classic like Trey Songz “Ready?” Or R. Kelly’s “Love Letter” overshadow him? Will “KandiKoated” be just as good as its name? Like Bravo says “watch what happens.” Good luck to all artists bringing out there new music today.

Until Then, Get Fashioned!

Lady Califia


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